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Into the Labyrinth of my Mind

Art, fashion, and life as I know it

My name is Charlie

I am a female, born on the date of March 11, which makes me a Pisces

My heart has been beating for 14 years

I am a Water Nymph

We are a rare species, close to being wiped out. But here I am, still.

I can also be classified as a Freak

My hair is bright purple, with a black peekaboo and sky blue coontails

My clothes are covered in chains, lace, and funky patterns

They attract many stares. Which I love.

My makeup is often dark, mysterious, and theatrical

My eyes are dark brown

I live in a world that is unknown to most people

A world where all things are beautiful

And many things are dark

Some people would call this world scary and creepy

But I would simply call it misunderstood

I am an artist

I create the things of my dreams, nothing more and nothing less

My dream is to become a bestselling writer of fiction

I am also a performer

I do things that shout to the world “Look at me!”

I can portray nearly any character, while still staying true to myself

Over these years I have taken likings to things such as anime, horror movies, horses, figure skating, dolls, fashion, coffee, Japan, and disguises(otherwise known as cosplay)

Many more things, but you can see my Interests for that

I am the dreamer, the visionary, the dancer on clouds

And the one who longs for Peace

I believe what my heart tells me to believe, not what some Christian church teaches me to believe

Though I have strong belief in paranormal things

I am not afraid to show who I truly am

Whether people like me is up to them

But I know I will be remembered

My name is Charlie

Pleased to meet you.

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"An ye harm none, do what ye will"

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